Horse Management and Accounting Software

I use and recommend Quickbooks accounting programs to manage the financial side of your Equine Accounting.  The program comes in several versions, the primary ones I have discussed below.   Quickbooks is designed for small businesses and is used by thousands of businesses across the country. You will find that if you need help learning or using the program, or wish to hire someone to do your bookkeeping for you, that there are many bookkeepers and accountants across the country that know the program and can assist you with your questions.  At the bottom of this page you will find a template I have created to use with Quickbooks.  I created this so that you can bypass much of the setup time and enable you to start off with a chart of accounts that will be appropriate for your business.  Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have.

Quickbooks 2012 Releases: We are an authorized Quickbooks affiliate and therefore receive product discounts which we happily pass on to you!


Quickbooks Pro 2012: This is the most popular version of Quickbooks. Windows version, download or receive a Cd. Suggested retail $199.95, buy it here for $183.96 and get free shipping.



Quickbooks Online Edition -Access Quickbooks from any computer. Great for those who are away from home often. 


To save my customers time and aggravation, I have created a diskette containing a sample Horse Company chart of accounts that will make setting up your horse business on Quickbooks a real breeze. This diskette already has the basic asset, liability, income and expense accounts that typical horse operations use, set up, ready for you to customize for your equine operation. Note does not work with simple start or Quicken.Quickbooks sample Horse Company electronic version $30.00 This file will be sent via email (note: You should receive the file within 24 hours of order).  You will be sent a version compatible with the current years Quickbooks software -please let us know if you're using an older version and we will send you a compatible file for your version.



Quickbooks offers also business owners a convenient online payroll service.  Don't pay any more penalties...let Quickbooks help you do payroll right the first time. From just $25.00 a month, try it for free!




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