Business Start Up Assistance

Start-up planning can be one of the most important parts of running your horse business. A mistake here can be very costly. Many people entering the horse industry have no previous experience running their own business. I'm often asked "How do I start", "What do I need to do", "Should I incorporate", "What do I need in my business plan". I can't list the answers to these questions here because they are dependent on your particular facts and circumstances.

I am happy to provide a free short initial phone consultation to guide you in your decision making. I recommend that before calling me you read some of the articles I have included in the resources section of this webpage. These articles contain a wealth of information, that will probably answer many of your questions.

I can provide you with advice on what organizational form to operate under andassist you in preparing the necessary filings, help you write a business plan, undertake tax planning and provide you with accounting and software recommendations for your new business.




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