Horse Management and Accounting Software

There are many horse management and accounting software programs on the market. Everytime a new one is released we take the time to test it out. Very few are any good. We've found that many have programming errors that cause the programs to lock up and boot you out if you enter something incorrectly in a field, some want you to enter far too much information and others are just plain difficult to navigate.

Listed here are some of the programs that we use and recommend. If you are a software designer and have a new equine program you would like us to review, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Spring 2012: I'm currently reviewing new recommendations -check back soon for updates.

Quickbooks 2012 Releases: We are an authorized Quickbooks affiliate and therefore receive product discounts which we happily pass on to you!

Rendaivu - Horse and Stable Management Software


Rendaivu is an online and desktop horse and stable management software. Health records, scheduling, and more! I've been using the online version of Rendaivu for a couple of years now and am extremely happy with it. This program will help you track your herd health, breeding records, show records etc.  And the very best thing about it? It is FREE.  To try it out click on the globe symbol to the right and you will be brought to the Rendaivu registration page






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