Tax Audit Assistance

Horse businesses are subject to much scrutiny from the IRS. This is due to the fact that many horse businesses are not profitable and are deemed to be hobbies and not businesses.

Don't panic if you get that dreaded audit notice. And don't go it alone. We are here to provide you with professional guidance on how to defend your business in front of the IRS. We will assist you in assembling and preparing documents that will substantiate your postion to the IRS. To date 100% of our audit clients have had to pay no additional taxes as a result of their IRS audit.

We recommend that if you have received an audit notice that you do not respond before receiving professional advice. It is essential that you know how to respond to IRS questions and have the right documentation available. We will provide you with professional advice, regardless if we prepared the tax return or not.

Read some of Carolyn's tips for what to do in an audit situation in the AQHA Journal article "Protect your horse-breeding business in the event of an IRS audit."




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