Tax preparation, tax advisory and tax planning services

We provide income tax preparation and tax and financial planning services for individuals, partnerships, LLC's and corporations.

We believe that you can't be an expert in everything. A professional has to understand the industry they work in. If your horse has colic would you call your small animal vet? We doubt it. You'd call a veterinarian specializing in equine medicine. Preparing tax returns requires similar industry expertise. We have chosen the horse industry as our area of expertise and ensure that we stay up to date on any tax developments that will affect horse owners and horse businesses.

Our goal is to save you tax dollars. We probably will ask you lots of questions. That's part of our quest to find possible deductions that you may not have considered.

We provide services to horse owners and horse businesses across the country. With modern technology, it's as easy to serve clients 1000 miles from us, as it is to serve the client next door. We can also prepare your state tax returns.

We are available year round and encourage our clients to contact us whenever they have questions or enter into financial transactions that might have a big tax impact.

We can help you and your business maximize savings through vehicles such as Medical Reimbursement Accounts and Retirement Savings Plans.

Please visit our resources and newsletter pages for articles and tax tips for horse owners and businesses. Still have questions? Please feel free to email us.




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